Knock Down Rebuild

TriFlex Homes Knock Down And Rebuild Service

Do you have an older home in the perfect location but it’s not your dream home? Let our TriFlex Homes team look after everything for you. We are knockdown rebuild specialists and would love to build the home that you and your family have always dreamt of. With our experienced team, we can guide you to create the perfect home solution to suit your block of land and lifestyle.

Love where you live but not your house?

Knock down and rebuild might be a perfect option for you! Sometimes older homes just don’t meet the needs of a modern family. You may need more bedrooms, more room for the kids, more space to work from home or more exciting living spaces to relax and entertain. The good news is that you can build your dream home right where you live with the TriFlex Homes knock down and rebuild service.

The benefits of a knock down and rebuild

As well-located land becomes scarce, more home buyers are opting to knock down their existing homes and start fresh with a new build. It is often a more cost effective option than renovating and it also offers you more freedom to design the home you’ve always wanted, rather than being constrained and compromising with your existing home.

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Steps To Consider Before You Knock Down Your Home

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Investigate Site Restrictions

Before we start any rebuild project, we must assess the feasibility of the project. This means investigating all the regulations and legalities that impact your ability to demolish your existing house and rebuild a new house on site. A TriFlex Homes Consultant will visit your site and investigate what local council regulations may influence what you can do. For example:

Knock Down Rebuild
Review Local Planning Scheme Requirements

The investigation process also requires us to review the local planning scheme requirements for your site. Various reports and approvals may need to be obtained from local council, power and water authorities relating to:

Ready To Rebuild Your Dream House?

Knock Down Rebuild
Create The Perfect Design

When all the investigations are complete, it’s time for the fun to begin! You might be bursting with ideas for your dream home or have no idea where to start. Either way, our TriFlex Homes team will collaborate with you on every stage of the process. Our experienced designers and estimators will develop detailed plans to bring your ideas to life and create the perfect home layout, design and mood for your lifestyle.

Knock Down Rebuild
Demolition Time

When it comes time to demolish your old house, you choose your preferred contractor to remove the existing property or we can coordinate this for you. There are various permits and approvals required for this stage of the project. If you decide you want us to manage the demolition for you, our team will assist you to obtain all approvals and our demolition contractors will take care of all demolition permits before work starts.

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